Tang Teardrop

Al Fresco Kitchen

The rear of the Tang Tear Drop camper unveils a neatly arranged and well-lit cooking space, equipped with ample storage. The countertop includes a built-in illuminated cooler. Additionally, there is a 12v outlet for powering small electronic devices and a 110v outlet for use when the Tang Tear Drop is connected to electricity. Choose your ideal location and whip up your next culinary creation on the gas stove.

Nordic Inspiration

Our design philosophy centers around intuitive functionality, sustainability, craftsmanship, and durability. By prioritizing the fundamentals of outdoor living, we guarantee that you can savor the splendor of nature in a secure, straightforward, and delightful manner. Our goal is to merge the intimacy of camping with elegance and comfort while retaining a minimalistic aesthetic.

Year-Round Adventure

The Tang Teardrop camper is a specialized recreational vehicle that offers an abundance of enjoyment, versatility, and seamless liberation. The inventive frameless Solid Shell Structure and sturdy galvanized chassis ensure exceptional stability and safe towing, thanks to its exceptionally low center of gravity. Regardless of the terrain, whether it’s gravel, snow, sand, or pavement, the camper will accompany you on every exploration.

Environmentally Conscious

The aerodynamic and lightweight design of the Tang Tear Drop camper allows for various eco-friendly vehicle options, including electric cars. With a weight of only 900lbs, towing the camper with smaller vehicles is a breeze. In addition, we use recycled materials in certain parts of the Tang Tear Drop, such as the interior, while striving to increase the number of recycled materials in other areas.

Luxurious Comfort

The quality of the Tang Tear Drop’s mattress is unparalleled in comfort. Featuring a thick supportive base and sumptuous memory foam, you’ll dream of new adventures after a day filled with your favorite activities, whether it’s a hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, surfing, or simply enjoying life to the fullest. This is a level of comfort that rivals even your own bed at home.

Tang Teardrop camper specs




Despite its compact exterior, the Tang Teardrop camper is surprisingly spacious on the inside, with large panoramic skylights and round windows on both sides that provide plenty of natural light and a sense of openness. The plush queen-size luxury mattress guarantees a restful night’s sleep and doubles as the perfect spot for stargazing.