Tang Teardrop


Unrestricted & Daring

The Tang Teardrop boasts a stunning and durable aesthetic that embodies the core values of minimalism, functionality, expert craftsmanship, and new age manufacturing methods.

Minimalist Design

Experience Freedom

The Tang Teardrop draws inspiration from the Nordic ethos of minimalist design, emphasizing the importance of communing with nature. By incorporating environmental elements, this camper enables individuals to stay connected with the stunning outdoors.

Environmentally Conscious

Looking towards the Future

The sleek and lightweight design of the Tang Tear Drop presents fresh prospects for utilizing eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric cars or compact automobiles, to curtail fossil fuel consumption. With a weight that falls comfortably below 1000 pounds, this trailer can be easily towed by virtually any vehicle on the road.

From Concept to Teardrop

The origin of the Tang Tear Drop can be traced back to Roanoke, where a creative Individual sought to revolutionize the camping experience. The result was the Tang Teardrop, featuring a harmonious blend of functionality and captivating design.